Litter Litter Everywhere


Staring out the train window the other day, mind wandering, my reverie was disrupted by the sight of white. All along the tracks it glimmered. It wasn’t snow, for that pretty scene would have allowed the reverie to continue. No, it was trash...garbage...refuse...litter...bags and towels and paper and this and that scattered among the scenery like the periods among this sentence.

What is the compulsion that some people have to just toss their trash wherever they want? Is it the culture in this country? The volunteer groups (this roadway maintained by ___) are great and help with the cleanup but come on. The fact that we have to have groups adopting a piece of highway to keep pieces of trash off it is embarrassing.

How are we going to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot (composting) if we can’t even toss correctly?