Why Something Better?

Have you ever wondered if the way things are is the best it can be? Have you ever thought, “This doesn’t make sense?” Have you paused to think, “There has to be a better way?” If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We believe there is Something Better. Take a look at the systems around you…from transportation to food and healthcare to education. There has to be Something Better. It requires complex, systems thinking, but also a return to basic, common sense solutions. Look to nature as the guide. Answers abound in the natural world. Join us as we go in search of Something Better.

Searching for Something Better

We don’t have a business plan or any real road map in terms of where we are going with this website and this venture. We know we are always searching for something better. Better financial position. Better health. Better relationships. Better job. Better use of time. Better homes. Sustainability - in its grandest and widest sense - links the search. Therefore sustainability will be our theme and our mission and business will come out of striving for balance on a daily basis. We will then chronicling our thoughts, progress, and setbacks on this site. Through this reiterative process we think we can find something better.